Google Ads (PPC)

Google Ads (PPC)

Google Ads (PPC) Services

PPC is an abbreviation for pay-per-click, an online marketing technique in which advertisers pay a charge each time one of their ads is clicked. It is essentially a method of purchasing visitors to your website rather than attempting to "earn" those views naturally.

The technique of marketing a business through paid adverts that display on search engine results pages is known as search engine marketing or PPC advertising. Advertisers bid on keywords that users of search engines like Google and Bing may input when seeking certain items or services, giving the advertiser the possibility for their adverts to show alongside the results for such search queries.

These advertising, often known as pay-per-click advertisements, are available in several forms. Some are modest text-based advertising, and others, such as product listing advertising (PLAs, also known as Shopping advertising), are more visual, product-based promotions that allow users to see key information, such as pricing and reviews, at a glance.